[web-team] Your entry in the Linux Counter

Linux Counter errors at counter.li.org
Sun Feb 3 09:51:02 PST 2002

You used to be registered with the Linux Counter at
http://counter.li.org/ as user #155274.
Our records show that you have not updated this entry for
a long time. In order to make sure the published Linux Counter data
is accurate, we have removed your entry from the published counts.
Your entry has been removed from the counter and placed
on backing store. You are not counted as a Linux user.
To restore your entry, go to http://counter.li.org/person/
and log in with the following details:

    User: 155274
    Password: 155274-37079

If you choose not to do this, this message should be the last
ever sent to you from the Linux Counter.

All comments: help at counter.li.org

Your record was created:   1999-11-30 23:48:38

//KEY 155274-37079
# The key is your password to update info in the counter
//REPLYTO webmaster at svlug.org
# Your registered email for messages from the counter
# This email is NOT visible to other people

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