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Heather star at betelgeuse.starshine.org
Mon Sep 24 16:04:01 PDT 2001

Web Team Members: you are encouraged to comment, with or without copying 
	Mario, as you prefer.

> Hi,
> I'm a Web Application Developer/Designer interested in volunteering for 
> the Web Design Coordinator advertised at your website, I'm assuming this 
> is available. I would like to learn more about this volunteer position.

Amy Abascal set our style in place a long while back.  She is still with 
the group as a whole, but busy with many other things.

Our design actually isn't too bad*, but the web team can use a few good hands.
We are not seeking a major re-desigm actively, so the job of Design Coordinator
would be maintenance (things like adding new nav buttons), or developing a 
setup for new sections++ that goes well with current style.

We have a bit more need for the Scripts Coordinator - since the scripts
have been sort of "rolling along on their own" since Lisa had her baby.

* Pretty good, actually, since we occasionally get requests to copy it :)
++ for example we're working on an FAQ of our own, beyond the "What's Linux"
   type stuff.  We used to have one, but it was more of a history lesson than
   current A's for frequent Q's.

> Specifically, I would like to know more about my time and duties 
> necessary for this role.

As one among a handful of people in the web team, we would hope that the
load wouldn't be allowed to be too much.  We all try to share, but each of
us takes on general responsibility for some specific things so that they 
cannot get too far behind.  We hope ;>

We use RCS to check in and check out files.

The machine is accessed by ssh and runs Linux.  So you *must* be already 
comfortable at a shell prompt.

You would need to be compatible with the personalities of, and approved by,
the current members of the web team.  This is probably the hardest part.
We are all good people but we like to be sure of folks we add to the team.

> I may be available to volunteer for some installfests as well.
You'd certainly be welcome to join us there - no special checkin required,
just show up :D 

> Feel free to contact me at mario at webacre.com. 
> Thanks
> Mario Rosario

Thanks for your interest, and, if you're liking what you see, feel free to
meet with me after the SVLUG meeting.  I'm the one who announces BALUG,
BayLISA and the USS Augusta Ada.

  . | .   Heather Stern
--->*<--- Starshine Technical Services
  ' | `   SVLUG Web Content Coordinator

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