[svlug] Re: [web-team] Installfest

Martha A. Liles mliles at mliles.com
Fri Sep 14 13:21:01 PDT 2001

I am new so I have some questions.

I assume that the old site is the Computer Literacy on first street,
time 11-4.

I am someone who needs help.

I will bring my system.

1. Install new hard drive - which I just purchased- 20 GB- into a Dell
Dension Pentium.  

2.  On it put a Linux distribution with LILO - I do not have the CDROM-
and Free BSD - I have 4.3 - I have the CD-ROM and Sun solaris 8 - I have
the CD-ROM.

The machine had Solaris and Free BSD on it but it did not work properly.
part of the problem was disk space and how to boot Free BSD with Solaris.

I have played with several Solaris and Free BSD configurations. 
Still problems.

I a purchased a big hard drive and want to put a Linux distribution with
LILO on it.  Right now, I am not being chossy what Linux distribution.  I
have had several sugestions.  I would appreciate someone bring an
appopriate Linux distribution.

Then, I would boot the Solaris and Free BSD from Linux.

There will be no MS on this machine.

Currently, the machine only has Solaris on it.

Is there anything that I should do before hand or bring with me.

I am a Unix person loking for a Unix Sys Ad job.
I am usd to the command line.  I did not even know that ther was a x
graphical Unix interface until last week.

But, I may turn into a Linux person if it will get me a job.

Thank you.


Martha A. Liles, M.L.S.
Web Master
mliles at mliles.com

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