[web-team] List FAQ is on the work....

Heather star at betelgeuse.starshine.org
Thu Sep 6 17:33:01 PDT 2001

> I finally will take some time to develop an FAQ page for our mailing list 
> since that had attracted many flames and stuff.... It's in the works with 
> many pointers from long time regular mail list members and the archive 
> pages that Marc had sent me sometime ago.... ( Okay Marc, I'm finally 
> reading them that you had sent me and that I'd printed out and meaning to 
> develop it every time I read it but was just couldn't get to it...) ... 
> Anyway, I will post it once I have alpha sample of it....
> Sorry it took so long to do this but life always (almost) sucks with other 
> things.....
> Winston.

Put all the new parts in /maillists (except I put the netiquette page in
/policies, so that it's easy to get people to point others at it).  
I announced it last night, in case you missed the meeting.

Also let me know of any more points worthy of adding to the netiquette,

Thanks bunches!

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