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This is the web master e mail address and it only be used for the 
problem/suggestion about SVLUG.ORG website. If you want to feedback to 
SVLUG group, then you need to join the mailing list, 
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Here is the quote from Marc, SVLUG President.


At 12:11 AM 9/3/2001 -0700, Marc MERLIN wrote:

Brian Chrisman, our installfest god, is already aware of this and is looking
at alternate locations.


At 01:35 AM 9/3/2001 -0700, Eric Collins wrote:
>FYI...  As of Friday Augest 31, 2001
>Both the 1st Street and the Santa Clara Book stores are permanently closed
>and the books are only available online.
>I think what happen was that Barns & Nobels, whom own Fat Brain, bought out
>Computer Literacy and then closed
>there shops to save money.  If you try to go to Computer literacy's Web Site
>you end up at Fat Brain.. and that is owned by
>Barns and Nobels..
>Any ways.. bottom line.. we need to find a new place for the Linux
>Installation Festivals.
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