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Eric Collins eric_collins.rm at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 3 01:34:01 PDT 2001

FYI...  As of Friday Augest 31, 2001

Both the 1st Street and the Santa Clara Book stores are permanently closed
and the books are only available online.

I think what happen was that Barns & Nobels, whom own Fat Brain, bought out
Computer Literacy and then closed
there shops to save money.  If you try to go to Computer literacy's Web Site
you end up at Fat Brain.. and that is owned by
Barns and Nobels..

Any ways.. bottom line.. we need to find a new place for the Linux
Installation Festivals.

An Avid Concerned Linux User :-)

"In Fantasy we trust, for the Power of Thought Superseeds All things"

	quote from Da-kin, Elven Elder of the East

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