[web-team] About your jobs page:feedback from SVLUG website

Heather star at betelgeuse.starshine.org
Fri Oct 12 16:17:01 PDT 2001

> Hi-
> My agency is handling the following positions which require
> development experience in Linux environment. I would have
> liked to have posted them on your jobs page, but it's been
> stolen by the evil frogmen...

Ack!  Thanks.  Yeah, someone else noticed that too.  Anyways it's not
our Jobs page, it's our Jobs Policy page.

That link has been restored and you can now read it in detail.

The policy is, you have to come to a meeting, and there's a Jobs Corner
after the meeting, before people take off to the restaurant or wherever else
it is that they go after the meetings.

> My client has a real sense of urgency on these jobs.

In that, I can't help you directly via SVLUG.   Our meeting is a few weeks
from now.  

As I wear several other hats, though... hmm, none of your positions are
about sysadmins, they appear to be all about programming.  BayLISA probably
can't help you.   But BALUG meets next Tuesday - you can make an announcement
at the mike there...

I recommend you check out Rick Moen's excellent resource on meeting groups 
in the area, BALE: Bay Area Linux Events --

> I hope you can help me get the word out about these positions.
> Is there anything I need to do to make that happen?
> I'm including my contact info - I can be reached on email
> or by phone to discuss these opportunities.
> Thanks for any assistance.
> Kate Canty
> Sr Acct Manager
> SearchTech, Inc
> 408-379-9824 x237
> 408-379-4276 fax
> 408-807-7156 cell

Good luck in your quest...

  . | .   Heather Stern
--->*<--- Starshine Technical Services
  ' | `   SVLUG Web Content Coordinator

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