[web-team] Final version of Counterpane texts (for June 6 meeting)

Tom Geller svlug at tgeller.com
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In case you didn't get it... this is the final version.

---begin abstract---

The Effect of Anti-Circumvention Provisions on Security

Counterpane Director of Software Engineering Jon Callas explores 
security design, copyright, and shows how the two can be reconciled. 
One of the properties of digital Intellectual Property (IP) is that 
it can be easily reproduced, modified, and transferred. In response, 
IP owners have created creating new security technologies for 
controlling the digital works. Inevitably, this creates an 
opportunity for those who can circumvent those technologies. Recent 
changes in copyright law attempt to address this on-going battle by 
prohibiting circumvention of these technologies. Unfortunately, this 
well-meaning provision has a number of unfortunate effects on 
development of security systems, including techniques that protect 
intellectual property itself.

---begin bio---

Jon Callas is a premier figure in the world of Internet security. He 
produced RFC 2440 (the IETF standard for OpenPGP), created the 
architecture for a unified PGP and X509 certificates, and has worked 
to get PGP software available worldwide. His current passion is the 
Digital Millennium Copyright Act and its effects on security, 
testifying before the U.S. Congress in 1998.

He is now Director of Software Engineering at Counterpane, a Managed 
Security Monitoring company; prior to that, he was one of the kernel 
developers for the VMS operating system at DEC, founder of 
meeting-software company World Benders, CTO at Network Associates, 
and Senior Scientist at Apple Computer (where he was known as the 
company's "Security Czar"). He still runs Linux on the 486 box he 
bought for the 1.0 release.


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