[web-team] Re: SVLUG Job Posting

Marc MERLIN marc_news at valinux.com
Tue Mar 27 15:18:33 PST 2001

[Messed up in my first post, I Cced the wrong addresses]

On Tue, Mar 27, 2001 at 02:51:24PM -0800, Aaron T Porter wrote:
> 	Marc -- I work with a small menlo park company, and I'd like to
> 	post this position to the svlug list. The old "Job Posting
> 	Guidelines" page is (still) MIA.

Sorry about that, the web team is still working on the new job posting
guidelines page.

Basically  it will  say that  there are  no more  postings to  the list,  or
announcements before  the meeting, but that  people who need a  job can meet
people who provide  one at the end of  an SVLUG meeting, in a  corner of the

> ----
> Position title: senior PHP/MySQL geek
> Work at our Menlo Park location to develop web applications using
> PHP and MySQL. Every script you write will see tens of
> thousands of hits per day (the Care2.com website
> serves over 1000000 pageviews per day). This job is
> not for the meek or inexperienced. We will provide the
> tools and space and support you need to be outstanding
> -- you provide the drive, the energy, and the effort.
> Typical responsibilities include:
>  - PHP coding
>  - MySQL database maintenance
>  - problem solving
> Requirements:
> The ideal candidate would have worked within the
> following environment: Linux or BSD, Apache, PHP3,
> PERL, MySQL. Further, the ideal candidate would have
> experience working on remote UNIX servers via SSH. 
> The following minimum requirements are non-negotiable:
>  - you can create complex HTML documents without the
>    use of reference books or "WYSIWYG" editors
>  - you have worked on PHP/MySQL websites
>  - you are comfortable using a command-line 
>    SQL monitor
>  - you possess strong written communications skills
>  - you have the ability to work independently toward 
>    mid-term and long-term goals
> Who we are: 
> Care2, Inc. is a community dedicated to helping save our planet's
> wildlife through the use of creative Internet communication services.
> Our current products include:
> Care2.com, a vertical portal that combines best-of-class news,
> shopping, discussions, free email, and electronic greeting cards, all
> with an environmental or "green" twist. This site generates 1M - 2M
> pageviews per day and thousands of dollars in donations to non-profit
> charities per month.
> The Race for the Rainforest, an innovative twist on the "click to
> donate" concept that has already saved over 4300 acres of rain forest
> land. This site draws over 20,000 unique visitors per day.
> The Race for the Big Cats, a second "click to donate" site that has
> contributed sufficient funds to support over 8800 square miles of big
> cat habitat. This site draws approximately 20,000 unique visitors per
> day.
> For consideration, please send a plain-text ASCII resume,
> no attachments, to: resumes at earth.care2.com

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