[web-team] Re: Dave Taylor to speak at SVLUG on 2 May

Tom Geller tom at tgeller.com
Mon Mar 12 11:52:12 PST 2001

>Sounds cool, except the "reference" thing is a little tacky.

Yeah, but people will like it.

Oh, O.K., I'll take it out. Here it is again, without the offending 
text. I'm cc:ing relevant SVLUG folks FTI.

>  ---begin---
>     Dave Taylor has had wide-ranging experience in Linux, gaming and
>     geekdom in general. Currently a member of the technical staff at
>     Transmeta working on Crusoe, he's perhaps better-known as the founder
>     of gaming company Crack.com, and for working on Doom and Quake at id
>     Software -- including Linux ports.
>  ---end---


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