[web-team] Upcoming speakers: April, May, and beyond

Tom Geller tom at tgeller.com
Mon Mar 12 10:49:33 PST 2001

At 5:25 PM -0800 3/7/01, Winston <compunuts at telocity.com> wrote:

>As far as I can get from the mailing list, here
>is the break down. Could you also please confirm with a little brief
>info of speaker(s) bio, a brief info on the subject and the web
>link? Thanks.

Here they are, piece by piece. Obviously, some information is still 
missing... hmm.

>4 April 4 : Subversion ( http://subversion.tigris.org )

    Karl Fogel is a a software collaboration specialist with CollabNet
    and full-time developer on the Subversion project to replace CVS.
    How Subversion picks up where CVS left off, and implications for
    Linux specifically -- such as, using Subversion to create a Linux
    version of the BSD `ports tree' package distribution mechanism. :-)

>2 May: Dave Taylor, about Mobile Linux and other fun stuff

(He gave me <http://ddt.masturbatesfrequently.com/ddt_resume.html>.
Here's my abbreviation of it. Note that I haven't approved it with 
him yet, and will do so now. Please don't use it until I get his O.K.!
   Dave Taylor's resume is probably unique, in that it lists both
   Linus Torvalds and John Carmack as references. As you might guess,
   he has had wide-ranging experience in Linux, gaming and
   geekdom in general. Currently a member of the technical staff at
   Transmeta working on Crusoe, he's perhaps better-known as the founder
   of gaming company Crack.com, and for working on Doom and Quake at id
   Software -- including Linux ports.
   "I'll explain how to use Mobile Linux and show some example
   applications in desktop and mobile toys.  If you get bored,
   we can drift to a discussion of embedded games, Linux games,
   CMS, Crusoe stuff, girls, clothing, controlled substances, etc."

>6 June: Still uncertain
>4 July: No meeting (Independent day)
>7 November: Martin Hellman (The Evolution of Public Key Cryptography)
>   (The BIO will also be on the page prior to that month)

Obviously, these are still TBD.

>Who will be filling in for the open slots from the list below?
>Bruce Schneier, Counterpane, schneier at counterpane.com
>* San Mehat, VA Linux (VACM), nettwerk at valinux.com
>* Jason Collins, VA Linux (Cerberus), jcollins at valinux.com
>* Asa [last name? or is this an alias?], Mozilla Commmunity
>   Development Liason, asa at mozilla.org

Dunno yet. It'll probably be someone *not* on that list.


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