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Jessie Corbin jcorbin at olstaffing.com
Fri Mar 9 15:50:57 PST 2001

Hi there,
I currently have a position open with one of my clients for a Linux Kernel
Engineer. I've included the specs below. Is there anywhere in your linux
site where my position and contact info could be posted? That would be

Thank you!
Jessie Corbin

This company specializes in delivering unparalleled
uptime for the Internet infrastructure, addressing the
deficiencies of HA and clustered failover systems.
Integration testing of Linux on client's fault
tolerant servers.

Job description: Hardware integration and board
testing of 16 & 32 bit Intel architecture systems.
Working at BIOS level, Pentium series, PCI bus
interrupts, multi-task systems,  micro programming.
Device driver modification. Systems start at 8 PCI
bridge, with Anigma FPGAs. Working closely wth other
remote Linuxcare consultants. Will report to Linuxcare
project manager, Len Reed.

Job Requirements: Linux kernel integration, device
driver development/modification, hardware debugging of
Pentium BIOS, PCI buses, 16 & 32 bit Intel assembly,
experience with SMP systems. Experience with multi PCI
bridge systems. A plus if the consultant has
experience with Anigma FPGAs and Anigma programming
Jessie Corbin
Online Staffing
phone: 408.998.4100x1215
fax: 408.282.8778
jcorbin at olstaffing.com

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