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Omer Zimmer omer at jungo.com
Mon Mar 5 06:44:13 PST 2001

Dear Sir,

My name is Omer Zimmer, Web Marketing Manager at Jungo Ltd (www.jungo.com). 
maker of WinDriver - the leading device driver development tool and "GO 
Hot-Swap" - The revolutionary product that enable hot-swap for CompactPCI 
on all leading operating systems.

I have looked at your excellent site and saw that you point out to 
interesting site for Linux developers.

I would like to ask you check out our site and add a link to it from your 
"Links" page, and if there is a possibility to publish news releases at 
your site.

Company Info:
Jungo Ltd. (www.jungo.com) is a privately held company supplying advanced 
solutions for the hardware access and device driver developers community 
since 1998. Jungo's hardware access product line, featuring the 
"WinDriver", enables developers to quickly create custom device drivers 
that can run on a multitude of operating systems without modification. 
Jungo's high-availability product line, including the "GO Hot-Swap" OS 
Extension, provides a complete solution for the CompactPCI 
high-availability market.

In less than two years, Jungo has become the technological leader in the 
hardware access market with thousands of customers, including companies 
such as IBM, HP, Motorola, Kodak and many others. Jungo's revolutionary 
"WinDriver" product line enables developers to quickly create custom device 
drivers that can run on a multitude of operating systems without modification.

Driver Development Product Line:

WinDriver Linux:
WinDriver for Linux is a device driver development toolkit, which enables 
you to develop Linux device drivers for PCI / ISA / ISAPnP and EISA 
hardware (including serial and parallel ports), without having to be 
familiar with the Linux kernel. All development is done in the user mode 
using your regular development environment. A Linux driver written using 
WinDriver is source compatible to Solaris, Windows 2000/NT, 98/95, Windows 
CE, NT Embedded, OS/2 and VxWorks. Just recompile and run.

WinDriver 5.0 provides the Unix world with a graphical user interface for 
hardware access, enabling hardware detection and debugging, as well as 
automatic driver code generation. WinDriver v. 5.0 brings the successful 
DriverWizard to the Linux communities, simplifying the process of hardware 
and driver development, by allowing quick and simple diagnosis of hardware 
before writing a single line of code.

KernelDriver automates your Linux device driver development by providing 
you with powerful tools for hardware debugging, driver code generation, and 
driver debugging. KernelDriver supports PCI / USB / ISA and EISA drivers.

Go Hot-Swap Product Line:
Make your Compact PCI device hot-swappable!
Jungo's "GO Hot-Swap" OS extension adds Compact PCI Hot-Swap support to all 
mainstream OS's: Windows 2000, NT, NT Embedded, CE, 9x, Linux, Solaris and 

You may download a full featured evaluation of our products from 
I hope you will find our site suitable to be listed in your Developers 
Portal and I will be happy to answer any questions you my have or any 
request for cooperation.

With Thanks,
Omer Zimmer
Omer Zimmer
Web Marketing Manager
Jungo Ltd.
Email: l_omer at jungo.com
Web:   www.jungo.com
Phone: 1-877-514-0537 (USA)  +972-9-8859365 (Worldwide), Ext. 228
Fax:   1-877-514-0538 (USA)  +972-9-8859366 (Worldwide)

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