[web-team] Re: [Officers] New svlug machine

Heather star at betelgeuse.starshine.org
Tue Jun 19 09:52:03 PDT 2001

> For those who didn't know, the svlug  machine got some visitors a while ago,
> more  specifically someone  who got  in with  the root  password, apparently
> Michael got the root password compromized a  while ago when he sshed in from
> a compromized machine with a trojanned ssh client.
> There  was also  the detail  that svlug.org  was running  on a  machine that
> didn't fit nicely in  a rack (the new one is a 2U  with 2 drives in software
> Raid 1), so  even though I'm pretty  sure I removed the  crackers' access, I
> reloaded the machine.
> newsvlug.svlug.org is the temporary machine.
> I obviously haven't  gotten everything right (as you can  tell from the main
> page), but most of it should be there.
> Let me  know if I missed  some perl modules  (I copied webfetch back  and it
> seemd to work) or some other apache stuff.
> The old machine is copied in /home/oldsvlug (at least is left what I haven't
> moved back)
> So far, can only login people who gave me a new password, namely:
> - star
> - winston
> - bobby

Thanks.  I'll visit it Thursday...

-* Heather Stern * Starshine Technical Services * star at starshine.org *-

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