[web-team] Can't log on to svlug.org

Heather star at betelgeuse.starshine.org
Thu Jun 14 11:13:12 PDT 2001

> I had planned to  take care of all this when the new  server was up, but the
> person supposed to build the basic server for me has been real real slow.

Oh well, that happens sometimes... though if we get desperate I have a couple
of systems that are offline here, already in minimal working order, so they'd
just need to be tuned to this purpose. 

> The plan  is to copy the  old server into a  subdir of the old  one, migrate
> whatever data we need and switch  over when you're reasonably happy that the
> new server is ready.
> Marc

Sounds like a good plan.  Let me know when I can get in :)

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