[web-team] update on newsvlug?

Heather star at betelgeuse.starshine.org
Thu Jul 12 13:44:46 PDT 2001

> I had to reboot svlug.org again and do some work on it today, something like
> to  avoid doing  if  possible  since the  new  machine  already fixes  those
> problems.
> What's the status on the new box? Is  it in a state where it's reasonable to
> switch it?
> Marc

I basically just woke up today -- had a late evening yesterday :> 

I think it's okay if mildly broken, but pretty much the same broken that the
original was.  That suggests that it should be ready to rock.

The RCS-checker bot works :) so use RCS, everyone, and please, use it 

"missing items" in other words things I consider first on the fixme list:
1. COLA reference chops off the helsinki site, expects the local site to 
   mirror last-50.  I'm working on a way to do this without gathering a bunch
   of past COLA notes ad infinitum, and especially without gathering a puddle
   of stupid directories named yyyy-mm but haven't got it nailed yet.  I might 
   be able to wire up the web service so that this pattern of directory name
   gets a _rewrite to the COLA archive.  I'm not sure which is more of a PITA.

2. lists policies/netiquette notes merged at last, and then I can finally 
   get rid of the mdstuff directory entirely.

Anyone's welcome to let me know if any pages are missing a header or a footer,
since that's the symptom if there's a page I haven't gotten to yet.  I *think*
I got 'em all.

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