[web-team] First web pass. No, it's not ready...

Marc MERLIN marc_news at valinux.com
Fri Jul 6 16:13:54 PDT 2001

On Fri, Jul 06, 2001 at 03:39:27PM -0700, Ian Kluft wrote:
> I'm quite sure that as long as someone from VA Linux is running SVLUG,
> Sam will have no incentive to hand it over.  The rivalry between your

That's my guess too. That's why I haven't bothered asking him again.

On Fri, Jul 06, 2001 at 03:55:31PM -0700, Heather wrote:
> > You also  seem to  forget that  the only  reason I  even mentionned  this is
> > because I asked you if you could remove Penguin from the list of sponsors.
> Since you know that I am willing to speak to Sam and you are not...
I'm willing to talk to him, I have  before and I can again. I just know that
on this issue,  by talking to him,  I'd be only making sure  that he'd never
hand out the domain.
> ...you could have asked me any old time, to "do something" ... and I would

I have. You compromized with having him control (very badly) the DNS and the
web pages. I said I  didn't agree, you said it was the  best you thought you
could do, I left it at that.

> The only answer to spilt milk is to clean it up, not kvetch about it.
I'll only be happy and thankful if you can surprise me.
> No, I think your bad attitude on the point has nothing to do with VA.  Let


> > I recommend you switch to opensrs and ditch netsol altogether.
> > http://www.opensrs.net/
> > We use them for the svlug domains and many others, and they are great.
> I didn't say *my domain's* internic record.  I said *my* internic record!
> Whether I use them for my own domains or not, if any client wants me to 
> be an internic contact for them, I want my nic ID to work.   Comparing
> apples and orange trees :)
Point taken, my bad.
> If I turn my interest toward wanting Sam to give me the domain, the easiest
> part would be if he makes me one or all of the role contacts, and for that,

I'm quite cool with that.

> I need a working Internic ID or they will surely screw it up.  I do not 

You can actually transfert the domain to a registar like opensrs and all Sam
needs to do is to click on a URL to confirm the transfert.
That solution is my prefered one since it doesn't involve netsol in any way.

That said, you are doing it, so you get to pick :-)

> So it may be madness, but it's *my* madness, and yes, I do have a method 
> in there somewhere.


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