[web-team] First web pass. No, it's not ready...

Heather star at betelgeuse.starshine.org
Fri Jul 6 13:46:16 PDT 2001

>>>> (having large-negative-numbers of free time is not the same as not caring.
>>>>  Perhaps some sort of system-checker is in order, tho.)
>>> Sorry, I don't buy this. Do you know how long it's been down?

<emoticon mode="impugning double standard">
Sorry, I don't buy it's such a problem that it's been down if you only just
complained to me this last week.  Esp. since I haven't seen it crop up from 
world wild web visitors instead.

I don't care how long it's been down - I care that -either- 
  (1) we bring it back up  [the service]           -or-
  (2) we stop bringing it up  [the complaint, esp. the bitchy version of it.]

Time to get back to cheerful volunteerism now !

>>> Why does  he insist in  hogging this domain for no good reason except self
>>> interest when he won't even maintain it?
> >
> >Actually, it appears the NIC record has expired;  however, please let me
> >handle this my way for a few days longer, ok?
> It's the same problem with installfest.org.  So I guess whatever Marc is
> plotting to do to Sam, he'll do to me too.  :-)
> No one had even asked about the domain so I allowed it to expire.  It's
> still in the grace period.  If you have heard from people, maybe you want
> to take it.  I had originally reserved them hoping to find helpers to do
> the maintenance.  Without such volunteers, I had to let it sit, holding
> them so that domain squatters wouldn't get their hands on them before
> real volunteers showed up.  But even for that, it's time to hand it off
> to someone more interested.

Thanks Ian.  Yes, we should take it on, and re-fill it with useful content
on the topic.  I think I know an active installfester who'd enjoy handling
it... to which end, I'll make sure to visit the installfest this month.

Marc, would you like to arrange for our friendly OpenSRS vendor to help
us re-establish the [installfest.org] domain?

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