[web-team] First web pass. No, it's not ready...

Heather star at betelgeuse.starshine.org
Sun Jul 1 23:27:50 PDT 2001

It's not ready but it's getting better.  I took a first pass in with a
Scrubbing Bubble (just one, I'm slow).  I've left the Link Fram for Winston.
But I did find lots of busted links, and clean up some matter of organization.
I haven't gotten to the Installfest page, but I think someone else was 
supposed to be maintaining that.  If so I'd like whoever that is to speak
up so I'm clued in again :)

Here's the scribble notes I took while banging away on it:

I've moved a bunch of maps into /directions
	some of these documents refers to phone numbers, which should be 
	checked.  Or I can de-link the older documents.

numerous references to folks' logos have been "merged" onto the sponsor_imgs
versions of the logos. Check if any of them look stupid for being too big.

References are being tweaked to be mapped against /  ... this is cache 
friendly, not "mirror me" friendly, unless the mirrors are full subdomains. 
Since SVLUG is not highly mirrored, but is highly travelled to, this seems
the fairest trade.  (You're welcome to disagree with me, I like reasons for
things, so let me know if you have a better reason for another plan.) The 
header includes and footer includes that get changed, need to have the 
word "file" changed to "virtual" or they don't work any more.

Nobody has any idea what happened to installfest.com.  It had a .org too,
same problem.   DNS leads to Ian, but Ian's site doesn't have it - we have
fragments of it.  At the moment I'm avoiding linking to it.

CGIs are in httpd's home, not /usr/lib/cgi-bin.  But, there is more missing.
	Can't locate Vote/STV.pm in @INC
I found it in the old stuff but I suppose we should see that it hasn't been
corrupted before trying to use it.  cp-a'd the dir to my home so I can look

Built Date::Calc (thx CPAN!) to satisfy WebFetch.  It didn't help.  
mk_live_links is an unhappy camper.  Since the front page depends deeply
on WebFetch stuff we ought to make this work even if we have to "set up
from Scratch" in that regard.  At least WebFetch is fresh, thanks Marc.

About Linux now works - I point into Linuxdoc's Linux FAQ.  Past Meetings
has been filled up to April this year instead of the last.  I haven't yet
recooked the list pages, not sure how configurable the mailman stuff is,
or if we'd rather that I "wrapper" it anyway.  Search page has been cleaned
A LOT but now I need to put a sitemap in, and/or fix the CGI problems.

One CGI at a time... ugh...

I really think the events/ and prev/ and maybe some other crufty floating
bits need to be merged effectively?  Some of the events *were* meetings.

August's data is now the top stuff on /meetings.shtml, but I think I forgot
to tweak events.html to match.

	Lots of things fixed, still needs work though.

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