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Heather star at betelgeuse.starshine.org
Sun Jul 1 15:26:33 PDT 2001

> > > 1.  SSI must be turned on for the svlug server.  That's a show stopper.
> > >     To recreate the site so it is dependent on a different backend logic
> > >     would be a lot of work.
> >  
> > It should be turned on, but I agree that things aren't working:
> > /etc/apache/httpd.conf
> > AddType text/html .shtml
> > AddHandler server-parsed .shtml
> > 
> > I wasn't sure if it was an shtml problem, a php problem or else.
> I will check permissions.  They might need the xbithack. {task switch}
> Well, I dunno.  Making index.shtml at the top executable didn't help it
> any.  I'll see if I can magick it into working :(

[ snip snip ]

> > Please give a quick overview of what you had to change/fix.
> Will do, as soon as I discover it.

Two things in /etc/httpd.conf

1. A Directory option is required to honor Includes.  added a Directory
   section for the actual document root.  (There was its parent, stripped
   to darn near nada; one child with auth restrictions; and the lists site,
   but nothing for itself.)

2. (bang head on wall, discover pillow already there) uhhhh... it helps if
   the includes_module is loaded.  It was commented out.

Cleanup continues...

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