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Heather star at betelgeuse.starshine.org
Sun Jul 1 12:51:58 PDT 2001

> Did you get a chance to check out the new svlug server?
> Is it ready for taking over the old one?
> (I just don't want to be strapped at the last minute because a change has to
> be pushed on the old server, which can't be modified anymore)
> Bobby, you can start copying your content on the new machine too if you
> want.
> Thanks,
> Marc

Okay, I'm visiting now.  I've used the sneaky hack of tweaking my /etc/hosts
so www.svlug.org leads to the new one, during tests.

1.  SSI must be turned on for the svlug server.  That's a show stopper.
    To recreate the site so it is dependent on a different backend logic
    would be a lot of work.

2.  cronjobs have to exist to update the news widgets.  We have no ruler
    of cronjobs officially since Lisa left - Fetch has been running on 
    automagic.  Which reminds me, it would be about time for me to fix 
    the c.o.l.a bug.

It might be convenient if I had sudo privs to modify the http config, 
probably via a wrapper script.  (If sudo on scripts makes you feel creepy,
take the source to vipw and just tweak the filenames.  You'd have to do more
to have it do RCS checkout/in for you.)

More soon.

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