[web-team] list of mailing list guidelines

Heather star at starshine.org
Tue Feb 20 11:13:36 PST 2001

> Hi Winston,
> I promised you a list of messages about the needs we have about the web page
> we want to have on list policies
> http://lists.svlug.org/pipermail/web/sav
> Basically, it boils down to:
> the list link on the main page should point to a page that explains:
> - how to subscribe/unsubscribe from a mailman list even if you lost your
>   password

Being utterly, insanely stupidly unfamiliar with mailman, I don't know this
answer.  We need to ask Michael if nobody else knows... or I'll have to hit
the search engines, and then someone should test it.

> - What the policy on job postings is


> - Little tidbits like one should not Cc a posting to several lists (unless
>   there is a reply-to that points away from the svlug list)

and various other psuedo-obvious netiquette points.  e.g sigs.

> - You need to be a member of the list before posting questions
> There is an old jobs page and probably an old guidelines page too someone on
> disk.

yes.  In addition I have an archive of the really old site version.

> Don't hesitate  to ask  questions if  you need more  info while  putting the
> pages together.
> Thanks,
> Marc

Thanks, Marc!

* Heather * Web Content Coordinator

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