[web-team] list of mailing list guidelines

Marc MERLIN marc at merlins.org
Thu Feb 15 16:43:21 PST 2001

Hi Winston,

I promised you a list of messages about the needs we have about the web page
we want to have on list policies

Basically, it boils down to:
the list link on the main page should point to a page that explains:
- how to subscribe/unsubscribe from a mailman list even if you lost your
- What the policy on job postings is
- Little tidbits like one should not Cc a posting to several lists (unless
  there is a reply-to that points away from the svlug list)
- You need to be a member of the list before posting questions

There is an old jobs page and probably an old guidelines page too someone on
Don't hesitate  to ask  questions if  you need more  info while  putting the
pages together.

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