[web-team] Re: [svlug] www.svlug.org is fixed.

Heather star at starshine.org
Mon Feb 5 11:55:49 PST 2001

> Raphael,

The comp.os.linux link broke awhile back. 
The nature of the breakage is, these links are actually at the site
in helsinki, but webfetch chopped them off.  We need to either have the
fetch sequence also fetch these announcements (so that we have them locally)
or, we need to fix the commands given to webfetch so the origin site is
left in.  

We've been busy cleaning up other areas and not managed this yet.  I'd do
it readily myself but, I have no idea where webfetch gets its instructions 
from, and haven't had time to chase it down :(
> I don't know, maybe our web team had a little fun :-)
> You should ask the web team (who I cced here)
The 404 handler is, indeed, deliberately silly.

I have added a note to the front page warning people that the c.o.l.a
references should be to helsinki.  Better than nada.

* Heather Stern * Web Coordinator, SVLUG 

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