[web-team] farm.shtml Update Status

Heather star at starshine.org
Mon Feb 5 11:27:59 PST 2001

> <Winston> Done !! It said to be Frogman owns it so I was going to try
> updating the page and thought it's the problem with SVC stuff. Anyway.. most
> of the links are updated in link farm up until sub-title "Info about
> starting a Linux User Group" in "Other Local Group" area. So I only have may
> be a page worth of links to check out of 7 pages of links. Hey.. we are
> getting there. If you find any links broken, please let me know too since my
> eyes are getting blur. I checked as much as I could though. It will be the
> next update time which likely to happen over this weekend or the beginning
> of next week. Cheers !!!!!</Winston>

You can make lynx try to give you a report - which won't mention redirects
or arrivals at now fairly useless pages, but ought to be a good start.

On your *own* system in some directory that you just made so you can easily
delete the resulting cruft: lynx --traversal http://svlug.org/farm.shtml

If any are truly dead it should be reported in the errors log that results.
You'll also end up with some copies of html files, with crazy numbered names.

Thanks bunches for all the hard work!

* Heather * Web Coordinator, SVLUG

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