[web-team] farm.shtml Update Status

compunuts compunuts at telocity.com
Sat Feb 3 02:03:39 PST 2001

> Installfest.com - hosted by  SVLUG -- redirects to
> http://www.thunder.net/, which says nothing about
> InstallFests
> SGML-comment this out for the moment, I can check on this one in human
> space next month.

<Winston> Done !! </Winston>
> Toss the "job listings in area" resources from here.  I'll be updating
> the Lists Policies, and will use correct links to some job listings as a
> way to hold off the teeming recruiter/recruit-me types.  When done, I
> can add "jobs listings" as a single item in the Linkfarm.

<Winston> I forgot your comment and did it without double checking it so
I've updated the links and stuff. I shall take them out at the next updating
time if you want me to remove those job listing. Since they are up to date,
keep for while while we discuss this with Officers. </Winston>

> Shouldn't be too hard. might be wroth noting that LWN (www.lwn.net)
> does a decent job of listing a zillion minor ones too.

<Winston> Done !! </Winston>

 > Needs doing tho.

<Winston> Done !! </Winston>

> Just Computers! (Rohnert Park) -- the Linux entry there consists
> of this text: "If you are looking for linux products,
> try http://www.cheapbytes.com for good values."
> delete.  It's a resource site not an ads bin.

<Winston> Done !! </Winston>

> btw There is a broken link in the farm which is both absolute in this
> and simply wrong.  Ben maintains his LG mirror at his own home site, which
> hasn't been at svlug.org for awhile now.  You should point to his general
> linux area, http://www.spade.com/linux/

<Winston> Done !! It said to be Frogman owns it so I was going to try
updating the page and thought it's the problem with SVC stuff. Anyway.. most
of the links are updated in link farm up until sub-title "Info about
starting a Linux User Group" in "Other Local Group" area. So I only have may
be a page worth of links to check out of 7 pages of links. Hey.. we are
getting there. If you find any links broken, please let me know too since my
eyes are getting blur. I checked as much as I could though. It will be the
next update time which likely to happen over this weekend or the beginning
of next week. Cheers !!!!!</Winston>

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