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Heather star at betelgeuse.starshine.org
Fri Dec 28 11:35:02 PST 2001

> Hi, my name is Kapy. 

This is Heather Stern, a member of the webmasters team at the Silicon Valley
Linux Users Group.

> I'm trying to get into real programming, so far I've learnt HTML, CSS and 
> almost done with JavaScript. What programming language can I get into when 
> I'm done with the JavaSript??

HTML is not a programming language, nor is CSS.  Both are page description 
languages -- like TeX, except TeX is nearly unreadable.   More like SGML.
Postscript is a page layout language too but printers have been trained over 
the years to do very strange things, and with some of the extra macros in 
PDF (a postscript variant) there could be some claim to its defense.

In my belief any "language" which lacks if-then-else and looping constructs
is not a programming language.  Javascript is an okay language, but I'd be
wary of claiming you know it completely -- like the completely unrelated 
Java, there are many vendor renditions of Javascript, and not even versions
from the same vendor always agree with each other on what is legal code.

None of these matters, however are Linux specific...

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...and you might not even be a linux user.  Perhaps the local chapter of
the ACCU would help you better.  While the title expands to "Association of
C and C++ Users" they discuss all normal programming languages.

If you still think a Linux User Group might be of interest, please use our
website and follow the links to our email lists.  The one you want is 
"svlug" -- the main chat list.

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