[web-team] Re: [Officers] January Meeting Announcement

Marc MERLIN marc_news at vasoftware.com
Fri Dec 21 22:38:02 PST 2001

On Fri, Dec 21, 2001 at 10:05:18PM -0800, Heather wrote:
> All and sundry:
>   1. apologies if you're getting dupes.
>   2. pages updated
> 	a. the Events widget is cleaned up.  Fests shouldn't spoil,
> 	   SVLUG and BALUG are correct.
> 	b. The Meetings page is partially updated.  The top, which is what
> 	   half the crowd look at, is corrected.  The blurb needs dropping in.


>   3.  SOMEONE please confirm which building it's in!  I am assuming 9, but 
> 	stated "probably back to 9" on the pages, so if we are wrong and
> 	have to jump back, folks won't have the excuse that we said nada
> 	about the possibility.

Tracy gave us the schedule a couple of weeks ago (posted here):
It showed us in building 9 all of next year.

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