[web-team] Re: [Officers] January Meeting Announcement

Heather star at betelgeuse.starshine.org
Fri Dec 21 22:05:03 PST 2001

All and sundry:
  1. apologies if you're getting dupes.
  2. pages updated
	a. the Events widget is cleaned up.  Fests shouldn't spoil,
	   SVLUG and BALUG are correct.
	b. The Meetings page is partially updated.  The top, which is what
	   half the crowd look at, is corrected.  The blurb needs dropping in.

  3.  SOMEONE please confirm which building it's in!  I am assuming 9, but 
	stated "probably back to 9" on the pages, so if we are wrong and
	have to jump back, folks won't have the excuse that we said nada
	about the possibility.

As it's about sysadmin stuff, I'll cross post to BayLISA next week.

merry equinox...

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> > At 12:19 PM -0800 12/20/01, Steve Traugott wrote:
> > 
> > >- Officers: assuming the location is correct, can someone go ahead and
> > >   post this announcement on the list?
> > 
> > I'll do that. Normally I'd wait until the week before (say, 29 
> > December) and then post a reminder on the week of (say, 1 January). 
> > But I'll do it as you prefer. Would you like me to post something 
> > immediately?
> > 
> > The rest I leave for the other officers.
> > 
> > >Can someone verify that I have
> > >   the correct location for January?
> > >- Heather: can you go ahead and post this on the web site?  I've
> > >   already provided a suggested title at the top...
> I'm presently preparing to be out of town for a few days (visiting my sister
> and folks for X-mas).  Connectivity is sucky at best there* and I have to 
> finish LG stuff early so my editor can goof for New Year's, so I do not 
> expect to be hitting mail or the net in general until I return late Wed.
> or early Thurs.
> * my sister has a modem linkup, but there aren't enough POPs in L.A. so it's
>   often busy and slow even after she gets in.  Jim keeps saying we ought to
>   turn the dial-ourselves setup back on, but we haven't, and it's just as 
>   well since it'd be long distance.
> I can slip the title into the front page widget.  I should check that the
> secondary page is time/title accurate before I go but I'm not worried about
> it being "filled in" before next Wed, since that's a week out.
> Announce this far ahead is good, but please note, you'll want to do a smaller
> announce the day before to remind people to set their PDAs, avoid getting 
> sucked into dinner arrangements, etc.  (BayLISA has the same problem)
> > >- Cisco liaison or anyone: can someone verify that VGA projectors are
> > >   standard issue for SVLUG meetings?  (I.e. I don't need to request them
> > >   each time.)  What about overhead projectors?  Wireless (802.11b) access
> > >   for the speaker for demos etc?
> (disclaimer: I am not the Cisco Liaison, I don't play one on TV or VOIP, and
>  I don't work for Cisco, either.)
> Last time I was paying attention, VGA was normal, SVLUG's never used
> overheads so I wouldn't know about that, and net access is not typical 
> (but I think it was arranged once).
> > Cheers,
> > 
> > --Tom, writing from his childhood bedroom in his parents' place in 
> > suburban New York.
> We've had some names sign off the web-team list in the last few months and
> few if any joins;  the crew is getting spread kind of thin.
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