[web-team] Re: [Officers] January Meeting Announcement

Heather star at betelgeuse.starshine.org
Fri Dec 21 21:27:06 PST 2001

> At 12:19 PM -0800 12/20/01, Steve Traugott wrote:
> >- Officers: assuming the location is correct, can someone go ahead and
> >   post this announcement on the list?
> I'll do that. Normally I'd wait until the week before (say, 29 
> December) and then post a reminder on the week of (say, 1 January). 
> But I'll do it as you prefer. Would you like me to post something 
> immediately?
> The rest I leave for the other officers.
> >Can someone verify that I have
> >   the correct location for January?
> >- Heather: can you go ahead and post this on the web site?  I've
> >   already provided a suggested title at the top...

I'm presently preparing to be out of town for a few days (visiting my sister
and folks for X-mas).  Connectivity is sucky at best there* and I have to 
finish LG stuff early so my editor can goof for New Year's, so I do not 
expect to be hitting mail or the net in general until I return late Wed.
or early Thurs.

* my sister has a modem linkup, but there aren't enough POPs in L.A. so it's
  often busy and slow even after she gets in.  Jim keeps saying we ought to
  turn the dial-ourselves setup back on, but we haven't, and it's just as 
  well since it'd be long distance.

I can slip the title into the front page widget.  I should check that the
secondary page is time/title accurate before I go but I'm not worried about
it being "filled in" before next Wed, since that's a week out.

Announce this far ahead is good, but please note, you'll want to do a smaller
announce the day before to remind people to set their PDAs, avoid getting 
sucked into dinner arrangements, etc.  (BayLISA has the same problem)

> >- Cisco liaison or anyone: can someone verify that VGA projectors are
> >   standard issue for SVLUG meetings?  (I.e. I don't need to request them
> >   each time.)  What about overhead projectors?  Wireless (802.11b) access
> >   for the speaker for demos etc?
(disclaimer: I am not the Cisco Liaison, I don't play one on TV or VOIP, and
 I don't work for Cisco, either.)
Last time I was paying attention, VGA was normal, SVLUG's never used
overheads so I wouldn't know about that, and net access is not typical 
(but I think it was arranged once).

> Cheers,
> --Tom, writing from his childhood bedroom in his parents' place in 
> suburban New York.

We've had some names sign off the web-team list in the last few months and
few if any joins;  the crew is getting spread kind of thin.

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