[web-team] Re: [Officers] January Meeting Announcement

Tom Geller svlug at tgeller.com
Fri Dec 21 20:14:03 PST 2001

At 12:19 PM -0800 12/20/01, Steve Traugott wrote:

>- Officers: assuming the location is correct, can someone go ahead and
>   post this announcement on the list?

I'll do that. Normally I'd wait until the week before (say, 29 
December) and then post a reminder on the week of (say, 1 January). 
But I'll do it as you prefer. Would you like me to post something 

The rest I leave for the other officers.

>Can someone verify that I have
>   the correct location for January?
>- Heather: can you go ahead and post this on the web site?  I've
>   already provided a suggested title at the top...
>- Cisco liaison or anyone: can someone verify that VGA projectors are
>   standard issue for SVLUG meetings?  (I.e. I don't need to request them
>   each time.)  What about overhead projectors?  Wireless (802.11b) access
>   for the speaker for demos etc?


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