[web-team] Re: Urgent! web page is still not up to date

Heather star at betelgeuse.starshine.org
Thu Dec 6 17:33:01 PST 2001

> I seemed to remember something about that, but couldn't find any record of
> your mail in the archives.
Hmm, I thought I cc'd web team too.

OTOH I've been seeing more unsubs there, I think.

> > ...and that I expected not to be able to touch the website, so if y'all
> > wanted anything special, to state it BEFORE LAST FRIDAY.  
> Tom sent the information way before last friday.

About the room number?

The speaker's name has been up for awhile.  Unless we somehow got 'em out
of sync again.

As soon as I hit home 'net Friday night I'll make the January tweaks and
sync 'em up.
> > I briefly got to glance at it last night and it was no prize, but I guess
> > Winston managed to update it, or you did.  Connection here makes molasses
> Winston's mail is bouncing and/or he isn't reading/answering.
> I made the change when I realized that no one was reading web-team anymore
> and that the page still had no mention of the december meeting.
> I wasn't able  to see Winston, but I  guess we need to get  other people for
> the web team, because I can't just be  you, you have the right to be offline
> from time to time...

:) thanks
> Marc

Yes.  I recommend Margaret Wendall as an active soul, regular to both meets
and 'fests, and has offered the help before.  Unless there are any specific
objections.  It'd be good to ask her, too, in case her free time has changed.

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