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Heather star at betelgeuse.starshine.org
Wed Aug 22 13:27:01 PDT 2001

> Dear linux loving people!, 
> I am running myself a cyber cafe in India. I don't have a big 
> establishment nor do I have many systems as nodes.
> So I run my cafe on a dial up line. our telecom department gives us 
> the speed up to 41K.( as shown in the properties) The telephone line
> supports up to 28kbps.
> I get the downloading speed of 2 to 3 kbps on my dial up line. It is 
> extremely hard for me to put more than three nodes on the internet sharing.
> I have heard that Linux if set up on the server gives reasonable speed 
> on dial up and programs runs faster than they usually run on WINDOWS.

Depends on the programs, but most Windows programs are not written very
efficiently.  If what you really want is a web kiosk we can do much better
than an average Windows box.
> I wanted expert advise on this 'cause I wanted to learn Linux ( I know 
> Java and C++ in detail).  You are requested to please send me information
> regarding this.
> Hope I won't be disappointed on this LUG.
Sorry I took so long to respond.  You sent this note to the web team, who 
handles requests to update the website, or about broken links, etc.

Where you really need to ask this question is on SVLUG's general chat list, 
svlug at svlug.org.  But it won't accept your mail unless you join the list 
first.  We use Mailman list management software.

You can visit our mailman page at 

...or use the "Email Lists" button from our website navbar anywhere on 

> Thanking you and looking for a favorable resopnse.

Coffee plus computers is a good thing.  The topic has come up in recent 
months in the online magazine Linux Gazette (linuxgazette.com, but they
have mirrors closer to you) and you might find the howtos they pointed at
to be helpful.

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