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Marc MERLIN marc_news at valinux.com
Wed Aug 22 11:28:01 PDT 2001

On Tue, Aug 21, 2001 at 06:23:11PM -0700, Heather wrote:
> [text/html is unsupported, treating like TEXT/PLAIN]
Please don't send HTML Email, I could not even read the original mail.
> > After months of not working, or getting error 404,

Just for the record, the domain was "down" for much longer than that because
no one ever contacted us about it.
Actually, it  was down before I  became president, and we  ended up thinking
that no one cared since no one ever contacted us.
For that  matter, the first  mail I got from  SVCS this week  said something
along the lines that you thought you had lost svcs.org because you forgot to
re-register it.

I'm  the current  owner  of the  svcs.org  domain because  I  was forced  to
transfert  it away  from  network  solutions as  it  incorrectly refered  to
www.svlug.org as a name server and broke our main web page for two months as
a  result, until  I was  able to  move  the domain  to opensrs  and fix  the

My whole point is  that if there is a problem, it's as  simple as telling us
about it and asking us to fix it :-)

> I agree.  This appears to be the effect of the DNS resolution now
> correctly reaching SVLUG's host, however we have no virtuals at all

We happened to have  the zone, but didn't know which servers  to point it to
or who was in charge, but after that first mail we received, it became clear
that no one  was serving it anymore, so  I created a quick zone  file for it
and it came up.

> yet so you're landing at the default page, which is our stuff.

Yep, that's apache configuration, which would be your domain more than mine

> I made a quick attempt to put in a virtual for you folks, but changing
> a host which has no virtuals, to a host which has several, is trickier
> than I thought at first glance, and I had to back it out (it didn't
> work).  I have to go off to BALUG now but can check it in the morning.

Thanks for checking into that.

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