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Heather star at betelgeuse.starshine.org
Tue Aug 21 14:53:01 PDT 2001

> Milt wrote (partial)
> Let me summarize the open questions I have on the whereas
> and content of the SVCS webpage:
The attached list of recipients is fairly long.  Is this a particular
group of involved parties, and would you like us to set up a mailing
list with these people (excluding webmaster at svlug.org) as members?

> 1.  On whose server are we going to put it?  Nothing starts
> until that is decided and firmed.  I need info from the
> server master.
My apologies for not responding much sooner.  I've been deeply involved 
in some client work and it slowed all my volunteer projects down a bit.

Mar Merlins and I maintain the server together, along with some other 
volunteers who have less access.  In division of labor I'd say Marc has
the lion's share since he's the primary mail admin and the one with 
physical access to the machine, if that ever became important;  I 
coordinate the web related activities;  the most helpful of my team is 
Winston who maintains the link farm, but there are a few others here on 
the web-team as well.  I believe but am not certain, that Marc maintains
SVLUG's DNS server as well.  If not he knows who does.

The SVLUG server can equally easily have some web pages dedicated for
your use under the SVLUG web area, or a seperate virtual host.  Or, with
some care during configuration, we can cause it to appear both ways.

[ techie detail: yes, I have a test case on my home staging server which
  does this... with the caveat, if you want it that way, all pages must 
  be maintained as relative links to each other, no absolute paths.]

The normal webteam access we grant is a shell account that you log into 
using an ssh client - if you don't have one already, then for Linux I
recommend openssh, for MSwin I recommend Putty, for Macintosh there's
a nice client written in Java. (There are certainly other clients too)

> 2. What is on the current (ancient) web pages that we will
> not have on the future webpages.  For example, we're not on
> the Linux site anymore.  So we still publicize SVLUG?  I
> would think not, unless it is a professional courtesy.  That
> should be on a Links page with other computer clubs.

I would think that unless we manage to be doing something useful
and special for you, that we only get as much link space as your 
other SIGs.

Logically we should add that we are a sig of SVCS to be a permanent
small spot on the sidebar - much as VA Linux has a permanent spot
there for the hosting they provide us - so that a link to your new
site appears on all our pages.  In order for that to work, first
we need your site working.

> I note a reference to AIII.  Me thinks that should also go
> on a Links page.

(I know you are talking about your own site layout, but...)

Winston maintains our Link Farm, and if you prefer to be hosted
elsewhere and pointed at from our link farm only rather than from
the sidebar, we can certainly do that... as soon as the link would

I believe that we have some older material from SVCS in our backups.
How useful it is to you, I couldn't say.   Do you have some web
material for us to post in its stead?  Should I ZIP it up and send
it to someone specific in your crew for study and cleanup?

> **
> We should be able to use the svlug website.
> I'll try to find a contact there.
> Silicon Valley Computer Society used to have the URL svcs.org, but it
> was lost due to non-payment of dues, and several links are broken
> (should now say www.svlug.org/~svcs).
Feasible for us to set http://svcs.svlug.org/ to point to the same data.

> Pictures:
> SVCS logo goes on main page,
> Journal and adobe go on journal page
> AAII logos, etc, go on AAII Investments SIG page
> SIGs:
> Largest: Linux svlug (not many dues-payers)

This could probably be improved if we get a regular rep from SVCS present
and able to take dues.  Even a fairly low percentage of the large group
might be a nice boost.

> most active: Windows (not many dues-payers)
> Internet Developers (may be looking for a new location, since Netscape
> is crumbling)
> AAII (Investment) <used to include svcs membership in their annual
> dues>,
> and ICCA (consulting) sigs have large membership (not many dues-payers)

can't comment here

> FoxPro and CAD SIG leader doesn't return my e-mail questions
> Access leader is reportedly deceased
> The SIG Matrix has multiple AAII entries to make it look longer.
> Kevin Lynn

I hope this is enough for you to consider.  Please don't be afraid to 
give me a call if you want to discuss things in more detail.  I can
sometimes be reached at my home office (408 374 7623) and I can always
be reached via my voicemail/pager (800 938 4078).

  . | .   Heather Stern
--->*<--- Starshine Technical Services
  ' | `   SVLUG Web Content Coordinator

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