[web-team] Re: Web Page Policy

Kevin Lynn klynn at wco.com
Fri Aug 17 17:47:01 PDT 2001

Milt wrote (partial)
Let me summarize the open questions I have on the whereas
and content of the SVCS webpage:

1.  On whose server are we going to put it?  Nothing starts
until that is decided and firmed.  I need info from the
server master.

2. What is on the current (ancient) web pages that we will
not have on the future webpages.  For example, we're not on
the Linux site anymore.  So we still publicize SVLUG?  I
would think not, unless it is a professional courtesy.  That
should be on a Links page with other computer clubs.

I note a reference to AIII.  Me thinks that should also go
on a Links page.

We should be able to use the svlug website.
I'll try to find a contact there.

Silicon Valley Computer Society used to have the URL svcs.org, but it
was lost due to non-payment of dues, and several links are broken
(should now say www.svlug.org/~svcs).

SVCS logo goes on main page,
Journal and adobe go on journal page
AAII logos, etc, go on AAII Investments SIG page

Largest: Linux svlug (not many dues-payers)
most active: Windows (not many dues-payers)
Internet Developers (may be looking for a new location, since Netscape
is crumbling)
AAII (Investment) <used to include svcs membership in their annual
and ICCA (consulting) sigs have large membership (not many dues-payers)
FoxPro and CAD SIG leader doesn't return my e-mail questions
Access leader is reportedly deceased

The SIG Matrix has multiple AAII entries to make it look longer.

Kevin Lynn

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