[web-team] Silicon Valley Computer Society (SVCS)web page

Marc MERLIN marc_news at valinux.com
Fri Aug 17 14:52:01 PDT 2001

On Fri, Aug 17, 2001 at 02:29:11PM -0700, Kevin Lynn wrote:
> Marc or Rob:

Rob doesn't work at VA anymore and isn't involved with the svlug server
webmaster at svlug.org is the right contact address :-)

> resurrect the Silicon Valley Computer Society's SVCS web page on the
> svlug.org VA server.

Heather Stern is our webmistress (she reads webmaster at svlug.org) and she
should be able to hlpe you.

> In the past, we had our own URL: svcs.org,
> but lost it due to non-payment of dues, so the page is now
> www.svlug.org/~svcs
Actually we have svcs.org and .net.
They are now pointing to the svlug server
> There was a PERL script (cgi-bin) that allowed me to change the content
> of the SIG pages with a password,
> but it has been "broken" for the last two years,
> possibly because of the URL change,

The svlug server was rebuilt twice in the last two years.
Right now, http://www.svcs.org/~svcs/ works, but I don't know anything about
custom CGIs.
Maybe Heather does.

> since I am now accessing it from svlug.org\~svcs instead of svcs.org.
> SIG leaders who changed their own pages often changed their password
> without notifying me.
> Could you contact Milt & me, telling us what we need to do to revise our
> pages?

If your CGI is gone or doesn't work anymore, you could get an ssh account
to the svlug machine.

> questions:
> 1) who should we contact for on-going assistance?

webmaster at svlug.org

> 2) does your server have the microsoft frontpage extensions enabled?

No :-)

> 3) what size limits do you want on stored files, images?

If your site takes less than 100MB, it shouldn't be an issue.

> 4) what is your preferred web editor for uploads?

We don't have uploads enabled, web pages  are edited in place with vi/rcs or
uploaded with scp.

Heather may be able to provide more help.

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