[web-team] Silicon Valley Computer Society (SVCS)web page

Kevin Lynn klynn1 at telocity.com
Fri Aug 17 14:27:01 PDT 2001

Marc or Rob:

I got your names from Jose Mederios, NTEA,
who thought that you could help me
resurrect the Silicon Valley Computer Society's SVCS web page on the
svlug.org VA server.

Milt Kostner has volunteered to be our webmaster,
has downloaded the current info from our pages.
I sent him some updated info in .html format.

In the past, we had our own URL: svcs.org,
but lost it due to non-payment of dues, so the page is now

There was a PERL script (cgi-bin) that allowed me to change the content
of the SIG pages with a password,
but it has been "broken" for the last two years,
possibly because of the URL change,
since I am now accessing it from svlug.org\~svcs instead of svcs.org.
SIG leaders who changed their own pages often changed their password
without notifying me.

Could you contact Milt & me, telling us what we need to do to revise our

1) who should we contact for on-going assistance?
2) does your server have the microsoft frontpage extensions enabled?
3) what size limits do you want on stored files, images?
4) what is your preferred web editor for uploads?

Thanks for your help,
Kevin Lynn

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