[web-team] I need help.

Krishn Rasiklal Panchal krishnpanchal at rediffmail.com
Mon Aug 13 08:28:01 PDT 2001

Dear linux loving people!, 

I am running myself a cyber cafe in India. I don't have a big establishment nor do I have many systems as nodes.

So I run my cafe on a dial up line. our telecom department gives us the speed up to 41K.( as shown in the properties) The telephone line supports up to 28kbps.

I get the downloading speed of 2 to 3 kbps on my dial up line. It is extremely hard for me to put more than three nodes on the internet sharing.

I have heard that Linux if set up on the server gives reasonable speed on dial up and programs runs faster than they usually run on WINDOWS.

I wanted expert advise on this 'cause I wanted to learn Linux ( I know Java and C++ in detail).  You are requested to please send me information regarding this.

Hope I won't be disappointed on this LUG.

Thanking you and looking for a favorable resopnse.


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