[web-team] feedback from SVLUG website

Carol Linburn caroll at intoka.com
Tue Aug 7 13:16:01 PDT 2001


I work for a company called Intoka which provides innovative
system and network management software.  We are looking for
people to try out our 1.0 product and also for usability
testers - is this something that your membership might be
interested in?
If so, what would be the best way to contact your members?

Best regards,
Carol Linburn

Intoka Software, Inc.
175 Bluxome Street, Suite 303
San Francisco, CA  94197

Phone:  (415) 595-4007
Fax:  (415) 974-1202
mailto:caroll at intoka.com

Intoka Software, Inc. is the leading provider of top-line
system and network monitoring solutions, helping rapidly
growing companies to manage the complexity of distributed
computing environments.

For more information, visit www.intoka.com

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