[web-team] Linux10 on Aug 25 - Linux 10th anniversary invitation (update)

Ian Kluft ikluft at thunder.sbay.org
Fri Aug 3 17:59:01 PDT 2001

I'd like to thank the following groups who added links to Linux10 since our
first invitation to LUGs and Open Source groups in the region on July 25:
* EBLUG - East Bay Linux User Group, Fremont
* LBNL LUG, Berkeley
* LUGoD - Linux User Group of Davis
* LALUGS - Linux User Groups of Los Angeles
We've linked to their sites from the Linux10 home page: http://linux10.org
to thank them!  (If the LA groups organize a separate Linux10 event for
SoCal, let us know and we'll add a link from linux10.org.  But you're
also welcome to join us in Sunnyvale.)

This is an update of invitation addressed to Linux User Groups and Open
Source related organizations in our region.  The previous one was sent
July 25 - we think things got drowned out by the DMCA protests going on
the same week, even though we waited until they were done to send it.
(We were there too.)  Things have been moving and it's time for an update.

We understand that people are busy.  But please at least add a link to
Linux10 on your group's web site.  Let's make sure Linux and Open Source
users in the region know the 10th anniversary of Linux is coming in 3 weeks.
It's a major milestone for all Open Source software enthusiasts, which
is why we've invited Perl, Python, Java and BSD groups as well.

Recipient organizations are listed below.  The South Bay/Silicon Valley
Community Network (sbay.org), the Silicon Valley Linux User Group (SVLUG),
and the East Bay Linux User Group (EBLUG) would like to invite you and your
group's members to the "Linux10" Linux 10th anniversary picnic and BBQ on
August 25, 2001 from 11AM to 6PM at the Sunnyvale Baylands Park in
Sunnyvale, California.  (Grills will close at 3PM.)

We're planning this as a regional event.  As the coordinator of a LUG or
Open Source organization in the region, you're welcome to participate in
the planning to any extent you're comfortable with.  We're also asking you
to promote Linux10 among your membership and to help coordinate travel from
your location if necessary.

We're sending these invitations as far as Chico, Reno, Fresno, Bakersfield,
San Luis Obispo and Los Angeles.  Please feel free to circulate this
invitation to other Linux or Open Source organizations in or near your area.

Here's an updated list of what the local organizers have done so far:
* We picked the August 25 date based on the date of Linus Torvalds' e-mail
  of Aug 25, 1991 announcing that his experimental kernel was about to be
  posted.   That was what got other people involved, and when it changed
  from Linus' personal project to the beginning of a community effort.
* We reserved the Eucalyptus Hollow picnic area and Baylands Grove
  amphitheater at Sunnyvale Baylands Park, for a capacity of 625 people.
* We established the event's web site at http://www.linux10.org/
* We have recruited some of the volunteers needed to hold the event.
* Expenses already incurred have been the park reservation fee and a batch
  of Linux10 T-shirts which began being sold at SVLUG and other group
  meetings in the next few weeks for a fund raiser.
* As a fund-raiser, T-shirts are now available on the linux10.org web site.
* So far these have been covered out-of-pocket by local organizers.
  The donations crew have asked around and gotten commitments of corportate
  support which go a long way toward paying the expenses.  But we still need
  some more.
* The Food and First Aid teams were our highest priority to fill first.
  We have volunteers for them now.  (Though anyone who wants to help with
  them won't be turned away.)  We're continuing to recruit for signage,
  transit shuttle drivers and the activites team.
* We'd like to thank the East Bay Linux User Group who jumped in and
  offered their experience with large BBQs and are hanlding the food.
  It's such an important part of the event that EBLUG is now considered
  one of the host organizations.
* We were concerned about what to do if/when the park's parking lot fills
  up.  Many thanks to Red Hat whose facilities manager gave us permission
  to use their parking lot across the street for overflow.
* Additional directions have been filled in at

Some of many things we're still doing going forward:
* Recruit more volunteers.  For most preparations we'll need locals in or
  near Silicon Valley.  Volunteers for the event day can be from anywhere.
* Find donations to cover the expenses.
* Planning activities at the event.
* Planning a shuttle from the light rail/bus stop to the event.
* Planning radio communications on the site (first aid, transit shuttle, etc.)
* Planning food and supply purchases before the event.

Here's what we need you to do:  (This is unchanged but still needed)
* Announce Linux10 and your organization's participation to your members.
  The URL is http://www.linux10.org/  Some things to mention...
  * It's a family event.  Bring the kids.
  * It's a no-media event.  Linux/Open Source enthusiasts who work for the
    media may attend and participate while off-duty.
* Consider participating in the planning of Linux10, or delegate it to a
  member of your group to represent you.  Our mail list for planners and
  volunteers is at
  Please introduce yourself and let us know your group will be participating.
* Please link to http://www.linux10.org/ from your web site.  We'll link to
  you when we receive your intro.  You can specify a URL or we'll get it from
* Please encourage your members to RSVP at
* If necessary, coordinate rides for your area on our ride board
  Please note that carpooling is recommended because there are only 300
  parking spaces in the adjacent lot.  It's a longer walk from other lots.
  And the rest of the park was booked so those other lots may fill too.

Thank you for your help in getting the word out about Linux10.

   Ian Kluft
   Linux10 coordinator
   San Jose, California

Linux10 host organizations:
   Silicon Valley Linux User Group (SVLUG)
   South Bay/Silicon Valley Community Network (sbay.org)

Linux10 group invitations: (more or less in order of proximity)
   Stanford University Linux User Group (SULUG)
   Silicon Valley Perl Mongers
   Silicon Valley Java User Group (SVJUG)
   Silicon Valley BSD User Group (SVBUG), San Jose
   Bay Area NetBSD User Group, San Jose
   OpenBSD Users Group of Silicon Valley (OBUG), San Jose
   Bay Area Large Installation System Administrators (BayLISA), Sunnyvale
   Santa Cruz Linux User Group (SlugLUG)
   Santa Cruz Perl Mongers
   East Bay Linux User Group (EBLUG), Fremont
   Bay Area LinuxChix
   Consortium of All Bay Area Linux (CABAL)
   Bay Area Linux Events (BALE)
   Bay Area Linux User Group (BALUG), San Francisco
   San Francisco Perl Users Group (SFPUG), San Francisco
   Bay Area Python Interest Group (BayPIGgies)
   San Francisco Bay Area Chapter, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
   City College of San Francisco Gnu/Linux User Group (CCSF GLUG)
   UC Berkeley Linux User Group (CalLUG), Berkeley
   LBNL Linux User Group, Berekeley
   Berkeley Perl Mongers
   Bay Area FreeBSD User Group (BAFUG), Berkeley
   North Bay Linux User Group (NBLUG), Sebastopol
   Sonoma Perl Mongers
   Linux User Group of Davis (LUGoD)
   Sacramento Linux User Group (SacLUG)
   Central Valley Area Linux Enthusiasts (CVALE), Stockton/Modesto
   Stockton Linux User Group (SLUG)
   Modesto Perl Mongers
   Chico State Linux User Group (CSLUG), Chico
   Cal Poly Linux User Group, San Luis Obispo
   Fresno Linux User Group
   Kern County Linux User Group (KLUG), Bakersfield
   Reno Linux User Group (RLUG)
   Linux User Groups of Los Angeles

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