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I've edited your description slightly: The edited version is shown below.

Web team: Please put this on the site. See you then!



    Vovida.org Community Site
    VOCAL - Vovida Open Communication Application Library

    Senior Software Engineers David Bryan, Chueng Tam

Vovida.org is a community site dedicated to providing a forum for 
open-source software used in datacom and telecom environments. Its 
project VOCAL (Vovida Open Communication Application Library) aims to 
hasten the adoption of voice over IP in the marketplace. The software 
modules in VOCAL include a SIP-based Redirect Server, Feature Server, 
Provisioning Server, Policy Server and Marshal Proxy along with 
protocol translators from SIP to H.323 and SIP to MGCP. The talk 
briefly overviews the Vovida.org site and provides details of the 
VOCAL software.

David Bryan is a Senior Software Engineer for the VOCAL software. He has
ten years of software development experience and holds bachelor degrees in
computer science and in physics from Richard Stockton College of New Jersey,
and a master's degree in computer science from the College of William and

Chueng Tam is Senior Software Engineer for the VOCAL software. He has 
seven years of software development experience and holds both 
bachelor and master's degrees in electrical engineering from UC Davis.

They are part of the original team of developers of the VOCAL software.


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