[web-team]Re: [Officers] The lists are on auto-pilot :-(

Michael michael at valinux.com
Thu Sep 14 10:48:51 PDT 2000

On Wed, Sep 13, 2000 at 08:26:56PM -0700, Marc MERLIN wrote:
> So,  after   realizing  that  no   one  ever  answered  people's   posts  to
> mailman-owner or svlug-owner,  and that some requests got  ignored for weeks
> if I didn't have  the time to get to them, I sent  a message to both aliases
> (attached in this mail) and no one received it.
> svlug:~# grep mailman-owner /etc/aliases
> mailman-owner: michael,chrisd,lisa,merlin
> I sent a second message, just to make sure, and didn't get an answer either.
> So,  I'm left  to  assume that  everyone  but me  procmails  svlug stuff  to
> /dev/null or a folder that is never read :-(

You're right, I didn't see those messages.  I know they don't go to /dev/null,
I'm looking right now to see where they did end up, and why they didn't get to
my svlug mailbox.

> While I'm  neither the sysadmin  or the listmaster  for the svlug  box, I've
> chipped in  when things didn't  get done,  probably because Michael  was too
> busy. I repeatetly removed  bad Emails from the lists  and installed mailman
> 2.0beta5 since  it had automated bouncing  Email removals (it takes  care of
> most of bounces automatically)

Thank you Marc.  I do appreciate the help. (especially the mailman upgrade.)

> So Michael,  unless you don't  want to  be listmaster anymore,  please check
> your procmail filters,  your filters, whatever handles your mail  and try to
> find out why you aren't receiving any of those Emails (I'm assuming that you
> aren't receiving them since you aren't answering them)

I'm digging into this right now.  It'll get fixed today.

> As for  the other officers, I'd  like to ask you  to help out and  cover for
> Michael if he can't respond. We got flamed on the svlug list (and rightfully

unfortunatly I don't often get time to follow the svlug list proper.

> so) because  we completely  ignored requests for  help on  unsubscribing, so
> please make sure you  help out with the messages (I try to  help, but I have
> too much work and Email to be on top of my mailbox all the time)

Any help is always appreciated.  Marc has been a great help.  Anyone else who
is interested in jumping in more, just let us know.

> I'm not going to  add anyone to the mailman-owner alias,  but I'm asking you
> to volunteer.
> If you don't have  the root password to the box, we can  give that to you or
> add you  to the  alias. We can  also give  you access  to the  mailman admin
> interface if you don't have that yet.
> Thank you,
> Marc


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