[web-team]The lists are on auto-pilot :-(

Marc MERLIN marc_news at valinux.com
Wed Sep 13 20:26:56 PDT 2000

So,  after   realizing  that  no   one  ever  answered  people's   posts  to
mailman-owner or svlug-owner,  and that some requests got  ignored for weeks
if I didn't have  the time to get to them, I sent  a message to both aliases
(attached in this mail) and no one received it.

svlug:~# grep mailman-owner /etc/aliases
mailman-owner: michael,chrisd,lisa,merlin

I sent a second message, just to make sure, and didn't get an answer either.

So,  I'm left  to  assume that  everyone  but me  procmails  svlug stuff  to
/dev/null or a folder that is never read :-(

While I'm  neither the sysadmin  or the listmaster  for the svlug  box, I've
chipped in  when things didn't  get done,  probably because Michael  was too
busy. I repeatetly removed  bad Emails from the lists  and installed mailman
2.0beta5 since  it had automated bouncing  Email removals (it takes  care of
most of bounces automatically)

So Michael,  unless you don't  want to  be listmaster anymore,  please check
your procmail filters,  your filters, whatever handles your mail  and try to
find out why you aren't receiving any of those Emails (I'm assuming that you
aren't receiving them since you aren't answering them)

As for  the other officers, I'd  like to ask you  to help out and  cover for
Michael if he can't respond. We got flamed on the svlug list (and rightfully
so) because  we completely  ignored requests for  help on  unsubscribing, so
please make sure you  help out with the messages (I try to  help, but I have
too much work and Email to be on top of my mailbox all the time)

I'm not going to  add anyone to the mailman-owner alias,  but I'm asking you
to volunteer.
If you don't have  the root password to the box, we can  give that to you or
add you  to the  alias. We can  also give  you access  to the  mailman admin
interface if you don't have that yet.

Thank you,
Microsoft is to software what McDonalds is to gourmet cooking
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