[web-team][officers] modified/unlocked RCS files

Marc MERLIN marc at merlins.org
Fri Sep 8 10:28:18 PDT 2000

Did someone forget to check that back in?

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Subject: [officers] modified/unlocked RCS files
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[This message was automatically generated.]

The following files were modified without being checked out:
   < webslave:*:506:lisa,chrisd,amy,star,bchrisman
   > webslave:*:506:lisa,chrisd,amy,star,bchrisman,ikluft

These changes will be *LOST* the next time anyone checks out the file!
If the culprit is not available to fix it, be careful not to lose
any changes to the file.  Use these commands to fix it:
   cd [directory where file is]
   cp filename Zfilename
   co -l filename
   cp Zfilename filename && rm Zfilename
   ci -u filename
(substitute the real filename for "filename".)

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