[web-team]Re: updates for Cisco Bldg 9 directions

Ian Kluft ikluft at cisco.com
Mon Sep 4 22:37:14 PDT 2000

Yesterday I said...
> I glanced at the Cisco Bldg 9 directions to verify everything is still
> up-to-date for people to find Wednesday's meeting.
>    http://www.svlug.org/directions-cisco-9.shtml
> There are a few minor nits right now (which is usual) and some major
> changes coming up in a few months.  I realize I'm the one who originally
> wrote these directions.  So before the major changes come, I think I'll
> volunteer on behalf of the Cisco Linux User Group to update this page if
> someone can provide me with access to SVLUG's new web server.

I should clarify something... I figured people are busy and was suggesting
that access to the server would be a way to make this easier on you.  If
your new server has more restricted access than the old one, that isn't a
problem but then one of you will have to accept the files from me and install
them by yourselves.  Whatever it takes to get the directions updated...

Also, I noticed that the changes I made for the Bldg J directions page are
still missing (or missing again) since the new server went up.  That update
was under similar circumstances (as the upcoming update for Bldg 9), and
had removed light rail construction stuff that affected the West Tasman
site in 1999.

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