[web-team]updates for Cisco Bldg 9 directions

Ian Kluft ikluft at cisco.com
Sun Sep 3 19:09:46 PDT 2000

SVLUG Web Team -

I glanced at the Cisco Bldg 9 directions to verify everything is still
up-to-date for people to find Wednesday's meeting.

There are a few minor nits right now (which is usual) and some major
changes coming up in a few months.  I realize I'm the one who originally
wrote these directions.  So before the major changes come, I think I'll
volunteer on behalf of the Cisco Linux User Group to update this page if
someone can provide me with access to SVLUG's new web server.

Here's a summary of the changes I had in mind.

Minor nits that can be done now:
* Cisco's headquarters map is no longer "newly-updated".  It's been there
  a while but it's current.
* The directions from I-880 and Milpitas should make note of the new
  Cisco buildings 20-24 on Tasman in Milpitas and tell people just to
  keep going past them.  Most people probably won't have a problem
  this month since the first building just opened and there's a
  construction fence around the others - it obviously isn't the large
  site that the directions refer to.  But confusion will probably grow
  as the construction fences are pulled away and a new building opens
  each month.  (All five will be open by February 1.)
* Alternate route from Fremont: As of mid-August, McCarthy Dr now connects
  to Dixon Landing Rd at the Fremont/Milpitas border.  If I-880 southbound
  is stuck, this is an alternative which avoids the 880/237 construction.
  (Eventually, the City of Fremont is also supposed to extend Fremont Blvd
  to connect with McCarthy at Dixon Landing, connecting with VA's future
  site at Pacific Commons.)
* On the directions from Berryessa and East San Jose, people taking
  Great Mall Parkway should be advised that construction of the next
  phase of the light rail extension is beginning at the Great Mall and
  will cause significant travel delays along that route.  Alternatives
  are Montague Expwy or Calaveras Blvd, both of which also have some
  likely construction delays though not as bad.
* At Cisco's East Tasman campus, roadway construction related to the light
  rail extension is done.  So the warning about construction hazards can be
  changed to omit references to construction boundary fences which are
  no longer there.
* VTA busted their web site when they reorganized it.  The link for the
  light rail construction project will need to be updated since the current
  one is now a dead link.
* Add bicycling directions.

Major changes coming up all have to do with light rail extension opening
in early 2001.  VTA hasn't announced an opening date yet but they seem to
be ahead of schedule for the "Spring 2001" date on their signs.  The
directions will need the following changes:
* The construction hazard warnings will need to be removed.
* All the light rail directions will need to be changed to direct
  attendees to the Cisco station instead of Baypointe.
* The pedestrian directions map from the light rail will need to be
* Additional light rail directions will need to be added:
  * For trains coming from Mtn View, the train will continue past Baypointe.
    Get off the train at Cisco Way, the next station after Baypointe.
  * For trains coming from Santa Teresa and downtown SJ, they'll still end
    at Baypointe.  Passengers will need to transfer to another train to
    the next station eastbound at Cisco Way.
  * If boarding at Baypointe, use the south platform where the signs
    say to board for Milpitas.

OK, that's a lot of stuff to do.  I'm sure you'll appreciate this came with
the offer to do it. :-)

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