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Heather star at starshine.org
Thu Nov 30 14:51:58 PST 2000

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> Enclosed is a description of a position we are trying to fill.  can it be posted on your site?
> Thank you.
> Sid Lasky
The SVLUG website does not post job listings.  People who wish to hire SVLUG
members are encouraged to come to the meetings and use the time after the
speaker steps down from the podium to network with potential employees and
fellow recruiters. 

Our mailing list guidelines consider broadband job postings to be poor

Please note a major percentage of our members are developers and other
*technical* people in the free software community.  As free software has
been popular in the press for less years than the time frame you have 
specified, if you should find anyone qualified under the definition
below (10 years in IT/marketing?), you may be skewing your results poorly 
for a company directed toward Open Source ...  you might, however, seek out 
prominent people in the BSD community, that's a much older free UNIXlike 
system.  On the other hand, if you are seeking a highly experienced technical
person to give some more concrete guidance to your Marketing division, you
have a good chance of finding someone at SVLUG.

I believe you might meet BayLISA's job posting guidelines for their job
postings list. See www.baylisa.org for more details.  BayLISA is the Silicon 
Valley area system admin group.

* Heather Stern * Web Coordinator, SVLUG

>     Austin-based Open Source software development and global service 
> organization seeks Marketing Vice President to be responsible for all 
> aspects of product marketing and positioning.
>     Require:
>     - At least ten years management experience with a major, multinational 
> IT corporation, or successful IT startup or spinoff, including senior 
> management experience.
>     - Some general familiarity with the emergent portal market and the 
> open source movement.
>     - A portfolio of both successful product launches and marketing plans 
> sustained over time.
> This is a superb growth opportunity.
> Contact Sid Lasky, lasky2 at airmail.net, 214-826-8450.  Principals only.              

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