[web-team]meeting details updated.

Heather star at starshine.org
Tue Nov 28 14:13:42 PST 2000

Mostly Tom and the web crew care about this, but anybody else is welcome
to pipe in.

Just wanted to let everyone know that I've added the meeting details to
the website, including the headline-news widget (so anybody out there with 
an SVLUG newswatcher will see it).

Which reminds me, is there an SVLUG newswatcher for every wm? :)

Anyways, unlike most speakers they have given us *lots* of detail, so I
wanted to ask... do you want me to just take what the gave us and webify
it, or should our speaker coordinator distill it down a bit?  I do want
to preserve the hotlinks to related projects, though.

btw, http://www.necel.com/linux was a 404, and there's no hint of Linux
on necel.com that I could spot.  Also these people have addresses @ nec.com,
so I hotlinked the main NEC site for the two main listings.  Pls advise if
I should change that.

* Heather "so many hats" Stern * Web Coordinator

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