[web-team]Re: [SVLUG] The next SVLUG Installfest ...

Heather star at starshine.org
Fri Nov 17 16:26:08 PST 2000

> > Hi can someone answer this for me?
> > I was going to attend the next installfest but the SVLUG web page
> > says that "The next SVLUG Installfest and Workshop is Saturday,
> > September 16, 2000." also on the same page it says that the third
> > saturday of the month is the golden day. So my question is, is there
> > going to be one this saturday (the 18th) or has it been canceled for
> > an early thanksgiving weekend?

> As far as I  know it hasn't been cancelled and I just  think the web page is
> unfortunately out of date.
> I called Brian to confirm, and I'm waiting for a callback (left voicemail)

I'm going to have to slap someone - I fixed that page less than two weeks 
ago, the last time somebody asked about this.

Which means, whoever edited the page most recently, is not using RCS
correctly, and is somehow having it rollback to an older revision.  When
you do this, of course, our web readers have cause to wonder. 

btw, the reference on the front page is still stating November, and
this is correct as far as I know.

> That said, unless  you hear otherwise, you should assume  that everything is
> still going on this weekend.
> Marc

This RCS thingy is beginning to really tick me off - it's caused as much
trouble as it's fixed.

* Heather 

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